President Enrique Peña Nieto  inaugurated the Ciudad Valles-Tamuín Highway; and delivered public works to benefit the community to the indigenous population.

The highway, which required an investment of over three billion pesos, enhances the country’s connectivity as well as contributing to progress for the people of this region.

In the past three years, San Luis Potosi is one of the states that, “Has become a magnet for investment, especially in the automotive sector, where three major global automakers have decided to set up plants.”


  • It provides significant benefits for more than 378,000 inhabitants of the municipalities of Ciudad Valles, Tamuín and Ébano.
  • It prevents vehicles and cargo transport from traveling on urban roads through Ciudad Valles and Tamuín, thereby increasing road safety.
  • The travelling time of 2,200 vehicles that use the road daily will be reduced from one hour and five minutes to just 25.
  • industrial activity in the north of the country is being promoted, to give continuity to the Manzanillo-Tampico transversal axis and speed up the connection to the “Mexico-Nuevo Laredo” highway axis.
  • This new highway means that the government is nearly halfway to achieving its planned target of 52 for this administration.

“Roads are ways forward, and sometimes, “The only way to bring other elements to promote the progress of various communities and society.

“That's how medical services and food supplies reach various communities. That is how education and investments trigger the development of various communities, through proper communication, which is what we in the government are promoting”: EPN