Earlier today, President  Enrique Peña Nieto announced changes in both the Legal and the Extended Cabinet.


Dr. José Narro Robles as Minister of Health 

Mikel Arriola Peñalosa as Director General of the Mexican Social Security Institute.

Dr. José Antonio González Anaya, as the new Director General of Petróleos Mexicanos.

Health Secretariat

Dr. José Narro Robles received instructions to continue institutional efforts to expand health care coverage so that people can exercise their constitutional right to health protection.

Dr. Narro has also been instructed to improve the quality of services provided by federal and state institutions and strengthen coordination between the health sector, federal social security institutions, and the respective state ministries.

The use of new technologies must be intensified  in order to achieve more efficient, timely and effective medical care.

Mexican Social Security Institute

The new stage in the health sector will be accompanied by a new stage in the Mexican Social Security Institute, and I have therefore instructed Mikel Arriola Penalosa to continue with the financial reinforcement of this important social security institution.

He will maintain and speed up the process of simplifying procedures, modernize infrastructure and equipment, as well as measures for the timely prevention and detection of diseases, which have been implemented in recent years.  

The aim is also to reduce waiting times for scheduled surgery and the allocation of hospital beds and consolidate the IMSS as a benchmark for social security in the 21st century.

Petróleos Mexicanos

As the new Director General of Petróleos Mexicanos, Dr. José Antonio González Anaya will have to meet two challenges: on the one hand, he will have to hasten the transformation of Petróleos Mexicanos to maximize the opportunities offered by Energy Reform, with a focus on greater environmental sustainability.

And at the same time, he will have to achieve its financial and productive strengthening in a context of low international oil prices. 

It will be necessary to adjust the cost structure, review program spending and strengthen investment processes, using the new schemes and investment partnerships with the private sector provided by Energy Reform.