President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the C5, Control, Command, Communication, Computer and Quality Center in the State of Mexico.

Security must be addressed in an integral fashion, from crime prevention to social rehabilitation, through enforcement and the administration of effective, transparent and expeditious justice.

Accordingly, since the beginning of this Administration, efforts have focused on three major areas:

1. Social prevention of violence and crime

The government is building a Society of Rights, in which every Mexican will be able to exercise all the rights recognized by the Constitution.

It is working in an integral fashion through education, health, culture, sport and the creation of opportunities to eradicate the causes of violence.

The most vulnerable areas will be attended, through the National Crime Prevention Program, benefitting five million people.

2. Institutional and operational strengthening of security corporations

This area includes actions ranging from the Constitutional Amendment Bill to create a single state police force and promote Single Command agreements to the professionalization of police corps, the intensive use of intelligence systems, and effective coordination between the three levels of government.

The C5, Control, Command, Communication, Computer and Quality Centers will materialize this effort.

These centers with advanced technology will coordinate municipal, state and federal authorities to provide public safety services and timely emergency care.

An example is the C5 inaugurated in Toluca, which will benefit 14 municipalities in the state of Mexico. The technology, involving an investment of over 400 million pesos, will ensure the population’s security.

Accordingly, in compliance with the commitment made in November 2014 to create a single, nationwide emergency telephone number, the following actions will be undertaken:

  • SEGOB and SCT will redouble their efforts to ensure that, in the second half of the year, the first stage of the National Emergency Service 911, covering 16 states, will begin operating.
  • Federal authorities in the health sector and the National Coordination Office of Civil Protection SEGOB will synchronize the corporations, centers and agencies for  attending medical emergencies by launching 911.

What we're trying to do is have a single number across the country to receive the population’s calls in the event of emergencies, public security issues or medical or any other type of emergencies.

3. Administration and enforcement of justice

June 18 is the deadline for the accusatory penal system to being operating throughout the country.

Thereafter, all criminal cases they will be tried under a new more objective, transparent and expeditious system.

Thus, a trial that could have lasted several years, with the resulting restrictions on freedom and the costs for those affected, will now be able to be resolved more expeditiously, in some cases, in a few weeks.

The government called on state governments to make a common front:

"If the government is expected to act or replace the states’ capacities, then the states will be failing to live up to their potential.”