By Enrique Peña Nieto.

For nearly two centuries, Denmark has been a close friend of Mexico’s. Since 1827, with the establishment of diplomatic relations, our nations have followed a path of increasing rapprochement, understanding and collaboration. More recently, our common interests in priority issues on the global agenda have allowed us to work closely for the great causes of humanity. In recent years, we have combined efforts to combat climate change, from the consolidation of the Mexican proposal to establish the Green Climate Fund, and with support from the Danish government, Mexico has strengthened its participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations.

For these reasons, it is an honor to be the first Mexican president to pay a state visit to Copenhagen. It is an ideal way to open up new spaces for political dialogue, boost our economic ties and renew the bonds of friendship between our societies. In particular, Mexico wishes to use this rapprochement to harness the true potential of the bilateral relationship in two specific areas: 1) trade and investment and 2) generation of clean energy.

In the first category, as a result of a relationship of affection and trust, Denmark has become the leading source of foreign direct investment in Mexico and our second largest trading partner among the Nordic countries. Due to the importance of our economic cooperation, my country has a strong interest in establishing itself as a key partner of Denmark’s in Latin America.

Mexico today is more productive and competitive, thanks to the sweeping transformations we have promoted during the first three years of my government, through 13 structural reforms. It also has solid macroeconomic and financial stability and more competitive conditions. In short, it is generating more and better business opportunities, which consolidate it as an attractive investment destination. This is borne out by the more than 200 companies operating in Mexico with Danish capital and the recent creation of the Confederation of Danish Industry in Mexico City.

In the second category, Denmark is a world leader in clean energy generation, while in my country, we have taken concrete steps to strengthen the development of renewable energy.

Energy Reform, adopted in 2013, created instruments and incentives that favor its use, such as Clean Energy Certificates, which state that, in 2018, at least 5% of the total consumption of qualified users must come from this type of energy and granted 100%  deductibility in the first year for investments in these technologies.

Moreover,  through the passage of the new Energy Transition Act, Mexicans committed ourselves to generating 25% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2018 ─30% for 2021 and 35% for 2024. In the process of achieving these objectives, Mexico is opening up new opportunities, which will require investments of over 72.5 billion Euros over the next 15 years. My country therefore wishes to continue exchanging experiences with Denmark to implement best practices in the supply of wind, geothermal and solar energy.

The road to a friend’s house is never long. It has therefore been a privilege to accept the kind invitation of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II to visit the noble Danish people. It is an ideal opportunity to begin a new stage of friendship, partnership and shared growth. It is time to make the most of the economic complementarity between our countries and to continue working together for the benefit of Danes and Mexicans.