President Enrique Peña Nieto declared that the 2017 Budget Package submitted to Congress today is based on the following premises:

“Preserving our macroeconomic stability and acting with fiscal responsibility.
It also states that there will be no increase in existing taxes and, above all, that the quality of government spending will be improved”: EPN


- A total of 118,000 new jobs were recorded in Mexico in August, the month when the largest number of jobs in history were created, he declared.
-In the three years and nine months of this administration, 2,170,000 formal jobs have been created, 4.3 times more than during the previous administration.
The Foreign Direct Investment recorded during this Administration stands at $120 billion USD, 50 percent more than during the same period in the previous administration.

- The unemployment rate for June published by INEGI was month was 3.8 percent, the lowest since 2008.

- These conditions allow global companies to choose to invest in Mexico, because they see prospects for growth and development in Mexico.

"Today we have more investment in our country than we have ever had before, which is creating more jobs. It is important to highlight this because many Mexican families and many Mexicans are now finding employment and opportunities for professional and personal development”: EPN