The two leaders discussed various issues on the bilateral agenda and confirmed that relations between the US and Mexico are historic, due to their geographical proximity.

“These governments, President Obama’s government and the Mexican government, have undoubtedly placed special emphasis on and underlined the importance of teamwork and making a common front as regards different issues that are the solution to the problems facing our societies”: EPN

Five highlights of the meeting:

1. The Mexican president highlighted the importance of further strengthening relations between the two countries and creating prosperity for their societies. Today jobs are being generated, businesses are being created, trade is growing and development opportunities  are being opened up for more people through regional integration.

“Today, the world is teaching us that strategic partnership between countries favors the development of our societies, and I think one of the biggest challenges we have today, which we have discussed, it is to make people feel the benefits of these efforts at regional integration”.

2. He also thanked President Barack Obama for the political his government has had to work jointly with the Mexican government to address issues they undoubtedly share, not only in the economic and commercial sphere, but also in security and cooperation. 

3. Both leaders agreed to continue working to review cooperation in security issues.

“The security of both nations involves cooperation between the two governments as regards sharing information and having daily interaction to protect the security of both the United States and Mexico”. EPN

President Barack Obama said that cooperation between the US and Mexico on many issues has really been of great importance, and reported that during the meeting, they had the opportunity to talk about, “The strength of our trade, business, and between our peoples.

5. President Barack Obama thanked President Peña Nieto for the leadership Mexico has shown regarding climate change.

“Mexico has not only been a leader in shaping the Paris Agreement, established last year, it is now also a leader in implementing that agreement.”

The leaders discussed their commitment to the environment. They pledged to create rules for working with clean energy.