President Enrique Peña Nieto awarded Special Certification Program Certificates (PEC) in the state of Yucatán.

Education is the best way to escape poverty and create new opportunities for development. The government is therefore working to ensure that children and young people have quality education, better trained teachers and more decent schools.

It is also supporting those who for some reason have had to interrupt their studies. Today, the personal and professional development of millions of people is limited by the fact that they do not to have certificates to prove their education.

“With love and affection and gratitude, I particularly congratulate all Yucatecan women and men, and youth who have achieved their elementary and middle school certificates.”

Nearly 9 million people over 15 failed to complete elementary school and 16 million failed to complete middle school. Most are men and women of working age, mainly concentrated in urban settings.

Various studies have found that when a person is unable to accredit his elementary school studies, he earns nearly a third less than other people who have done so.

This is exacerbated at middle school level. A person who fails to complete middle school earns half what someone who has completed it does.

Certification Program

Through the INEA Regular Program and the Special Certification Program launched in April, the government is making an unprecedented effort to reduce the educational lag in adults.

The goal for this administration is to certify the same number as those certified in the previous 12 years in six years; in other words, twice the number in this concentrated effort to ensure that more Mexicans have this certificate.

” “This involves seeing that six million people have their elementary and middle school studies certified during this administration, and we will probably exceed that number, but that is the goal that has been set.

Certificate no. 500,000 is being delivered today, and another half a million people are currently being certified.

Who is behind this effort?

Through joint work and as a team with two government agencies, together with the state governments.

“This would not be possible if we did not team up with state governments. The Public Education Secretariat and the Social Development Secretariat are joining efforts to deploy a larger number of people to support these efforts.”

INEA has over nine thousand people who are contributing to this effort. There are also 130 thousand volunteers, young students who are completing their studies in higher technical education, who are supporting this task.

Actions to achieve the goal

1. The SEP and SEDESOL will redouble their efforts in their joint promotion of the Special Certification Program, especially among beneficiaries of the PROSPERA Program and the 65 and over Program.

2. INEA will play an active role in the timely identification of those who have left school for some reason and promote their incorporation into the Special Certification Program.

“Having an education and accrediting it means opening a road that will lead them to better conditions. Having an education also means serving as an inspiration to their own children. Having an education is a key that opens more opportunities for life”.