President Enrique Peña Nieto, welcomed global CEO of Cisco Systems Chuck Robbins, who announced that the company will expand the value of its operations in Mexico to over $4 billion USD between 2016 and 2018.

This makes it one of the five largest investments our country has received during the current administration.

The Mexican president reiterated his commitment to continue promoting a suitable environment for investment and job generation in Mexico.

Cisco is willing to increase research and development, in a world where technology increasingly permeates everyday life.

The expansion announced by Cisco will make it possible to manufacture products such as routers, servers, switches, TelePresence screens and wireless access points in Mexico.


  • The expansion will promote the creation of 270 direct and 77 indirect jobs.
  • Given the existing installed base, through the company’s manufacturing partners, the project will involve 4,830 direct and 1,015 indirect jobs.
  • This new project in Mexico contributes to consolidating the country as a logistics platform for manufacturing high-tech products, which will increase in the following years.

The global CEO of Cisco said that experts reviewed the impact of the Structural Reforms, which create a suitable environment for doing business, make Mexico more competitive and produce a more highly skilled workforce.