President Enrique Peña Nieto led the event to promote the Affiliation of High School and College Students to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Students at these levels, in state institutions, have had the right to be affiliated to the IMSS since 1988, when a presidential decree was issued to recognize their right to health. However, until recently, students were given a temporary affiliation number. At the start of each academic year, these numbers were sent to educational institutions, which in turn assigned them to students, meaning that they changed their social security number every year.

In 2015, it was decided that the social security number granted to students should remain the same throughout their lives, as it does for all rightholders. Thus, with their membership number and ZIP code, young people will be able to locate their clinic and register.

"The Mexican Social Security Institute is obliged and committed to having a hospital capacity and infrastructure to potentially serve those seven million students.”

Student Affiliation

The government is making a major effort to affiliate high school and college students so that they have their Social Security booklets.

The directors of the IMSS and the Ministry of Social Development will make a great effort to affiliate students, with the participation of ANUIES (National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutes) and all the universities and technological colleges of the Ministry of Education, and local governments.

“At the Institute, you will find all the health services for prevention and health care, and above all, be told which clinic to go to if you need to.”


1. Health.  The government is working to achieve greater universalization in health, that is, to ensure that each and every Mexican has effective access to health care.

2. Education. Education reform will allow the new generations to have more space and effective opportunities to engage in productive activity, but also to obtain a better income and better paid salaries.

“The most important, fundamental and sweeping reform, Education Reform, will permit or ensure that new generations have more effective spaces and opportunities to engage in productive activity, but also to obtain a better income and better paid salaries,” he said.

3. Ensure a more equitable Mexico, narrow the equality gap, for which several actions have been undertaken: a National Crusade Against Hunger, involving various public and private entities, a cross-cutting effort involving various agencies to ensure that people have access to a daily diet.

”Today we are focusing on ensuring health for young people who are studying at high school or college, who are training, and we are undertaking an action, a whole program that involves affiliation to the Mexican Social Security Institute.