President Enrique Peña Nieto led the first public session of the National System for Equality between Women and Men.

”The first thing is to accredit the will, work and commitment of all levels of government and the various public agencies, autonomous bodies and other powers to participate and be partners, together with civil society, in achieving this great objective: equality between women and men”: EPN

It is a fact that today, there are women who are victims of violence and sexual harassment. This is a task that all orders of government must work on to prevent and combat; it occurs in the street and the workplace.

Women continue to experience situations of violence, discrimination and victimization. Gender stereotypes continue to be reproduced in the family, at school, at work and in the media.

During the event, the Mexican president instructed federal agencies to implement immediate actions:

FIRST. This month they must be certified by the Mexican Norm for Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination.

SECOND. They must review their programs and operating rules to include the gender perspective, according to the equality guidelines recently published by INMUJERES (National Institute for Women).

THIRD. This month, the secretariats of the Interior, Public Administration and the National Institute for Women must publish the Unified Protocol for the Prevention, Care and Punishment of Sexual Harassment of the APF.

In compliance with the General Act of Equality between Men and Women, new special measures and affirmative actions must be designed to reverse the historical conditions of disadvantage for girls and women in Mexico.

These actions relate to, “The need to provide more space and greater opportunities and increase support for women to eliminate the inequality between women and men”. And in various areas of public life, affirmative action must be taken to provide greater support for women.

A nation in which there are opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment for the members of this society is the country we all want to build”: EPN