President Enrique Peña Nieto led the 35th Ordinary General Assembly of the Mexican Health Foundation (Funsalud). Health is the most precious asset; it is the basis of individual development, and what allows men and women to grow, study, work, have a full life, and enjoy it in the company of their loved ones.

Thanks to the efforts of several generations, the health services offered by the state have been reaching more Mexicans and been of increasingly good quality.

Mexico is working with the World Health Organization on various projects and initiatives. In order to achieve universal coverage of quality health services, the president issued instructions to the Ministry of Health to:

1. Accurately identify those with no kind of coverage, by consolidating the lists of various health and social security institutions.

2. Optimize the use of available infrastructure, through better coordination between social security institutions, state health services, and those directly dependent on the Ministry of Health.

3. Review policies for addressing the country's main health problems. Evaluate the results achieved and propose the necessary adjustments to advance their prevention, early diagnosis and treatment.

4. Develop and implement a program designed to improve the services offered by state governments in primary health care medical units by linking them to hospital care and specialties.

“We are living in an era where progress in science and medicine allows us to cure more illnesses and live longer. However, enjoying a full, lasting life cannot be the privilege of a few; in Mexico, it is a universal right. And governments are working to make this constitutional mandate a reality.

Achieving this requires making optimal use of public resources, but above all, it demands relevant, long-term public policies, such as those Funsalud has promoted for more than 30 years.”