President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the 5th National Forum on Let’s Join Forces for Security: Citizens plus Police 

This forum is a space for dialogue and reflection, which makes it possible to find joint public security solutions.

At the start of this administration in 2012, it was clear that in the previous six years, the climate of violence and insecurity had dramatically increased crime indicators.

Kidnapping had increased by 90 percent; intentional homicide also nearly doubled from 2006 to 2012, increasing by 85 percent; and extortion had grown 130 percent”.

"And in 2012, when I took office, the indicator was nearly 23 per 100,000. Today, since 2015, and probably in 2016, it has remained in the order of 17 per 100,000 inhabitants,” he said. EPN

Highlights include four actions:

FIRST. Strengthening the technological capacities of public security corporations.

Three of the five Regional Intelligence Fusion Centers, equipped with cutting-edge technologies to improve information sharing and interagency coordination between the forces of order are already operating.

Thanks to the combination of federal and state resources, control and command operating centers C4 and C5 have been opened in major cities.

The new Platform Mexico Map Portal enabling local authorities to identify crime problems at the street or neighborhood level to take the necessary measures is already operating.

SECOND. The entry into operation of national single emergency number 911. 

This service already operates in 16 states and as of January 2017, will operate throughout the country.

THIRD: Special federal forces operations in cities and areas where they are required, and greater coordination between federal and local authorities to define security actions.

The Federal Government’s participation is in no way intended to substitute or replace the efforts that must be made by local authorities.”: EPN

QUARTER. The progress in the professionalization of members of the police force.

In less than two years, the Framework Professionalization Program has trained over 330,000 police officers and over 6,000 commanders in all the country’s forces.

Additionally, over 230,000 security elements have received safety training to effectively carry out their work as first responders in the Adversarial Criminal Justice System; which is key to provide conclusive evidence and make solid inquiries.

“Let us ensure that in the future, we have a clear course, a state policy that goes beyond a single administration, and society and government’s participation in tackling this challenge,”: EPN