President Enrique Peña Nieto met with the athletes in the Mexican delegation who participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

He thanked them for the effort, dedication, commitment and courage they showed at the Olympics fair and the process leading up to it.

"I am very proud of your performance and everything you did. Although we did not achieve all the medals we hoped for as a country, we did make significant progress”: EPN

The government has always been willing to support sport.

Athletes express their views

President Peña Nieto invites athletes to express their views, feelings and experiences about living in Rio 2016.

Several of them agreed on the importance of having guarantees about the support they could have to continue their training, not only for the following Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, but for future, world-class international competitions.

President Peña Nieto repeated the government's commitment to continuing to support and to endorse national sport.

"The important thing is to have certainty; as athletes, you must know where you are going, what you will do and how you will be supported so that you can continue training and not have to worry about an uncertain future”: EPN