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Jordi Muñoz hails from Ensenada, Baja California. As a child, he was fascinated by airplanes and always wanted to be a pilot. He played with aircraft and felt the need to be near them. Then came Lego, computers and everything related to technology and engineering, which became a passion and eventually his lifestyle and work.

He grew up in Tijuana, the technological city par excellence, which allowed him to continue what he calls “a love affair with technology.”

Curiosity and efforts to pursue his dream meant that a series of events led him to move to America, found his own company, 3D Robotics, build the first Mexican drone and co-found one of the largest manufacturers of US drones.

Jordi describes himself as a geek and a lover of technology and engineering. That’s what he knows how to do, what he is good at and what he likes.