During the inauguration of the Open Government Partnership Global Summit, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced five new Open Government projects to be proposed for inclusion in the Action Plan 2016 - 2018 to achieve a more open, transparent government that is closer to citizens:

1. The government is working with citizens to improved the speed, accuracy and transparency of Everyday Justice (labor, civil, family and administrative law) through information technologies.

2. Through the new Criminal Justice System, electronic accountability tools will be promoted to make criminal proceedings more transparent.

3. Social programs are being complemented to enable users to receive timely, personalized information through mobile technologies.

4. New guidelines and platforms are being established to enable citizens to monitor the design, implementation and evaluation of the various public policies.

5. Efforts are being made to enable the public to track procurement processes online.

Regarding this last project, emphasis was placed on the case of the New Mexico City International Airport, the first project to apply a data standard for open hiring; a website is now available with information on the tenders for this public work.