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This commercial partnership, comprising Mexico and another 11 countries, will be a negotiation model for future trade agreements and places Mexico in the lead in this regard.

The Agreement is crucial because:

· It opens up business opportunities for the Mexican productive sector in six markets in Asia-Pacific (Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam), the region that will register the highest growth in the next twenty-five years.

· It boosts the integration of production chains in Mexico, the United States and Canada, contributing to the goal of making North America the world’s most competitive region.

· It consolidates preferential access to the markets of Chile and Peru, key trading partners for Mexico in Latin America.

· It increases preferential access to the Japanese market.

· Transparency and democracy go hand in hand, creating an indissoluble binomial, complementing and strengthening each other.

· It is up to the Mexican state and those who represent it to achieve the goal of building on this binomial and to ensure that this makes it possible to continue strengthening trust and credibility in institutions, declared the president.

· More authoritarian, closed governments tend to be less transparent, he said.

· The president inaugurated National Transparency Week in the former Senate building.