This anniversary is an occasion to recognize those who, for over a century, have been devoted to the work of helping society with humanism, commitment and integrity.

It is also an occasion to thank all the men and women who, with dedication and heroism, devote their lives to this organism.

Last year, the Mexican Red Cross provided almost 6 million medical services and more than 1.4 million ambulance transfers, in other words, 8 out of 10 emergency transfers in Mexico.

These actions have meant that all these years, the Mexican Red Cross has enjoyed the high esteem of the population situation, reflected in the 40,000 volunteers who are committed to it.

The Red Cross has been with Mexicans at times of difficulty, providing support, helping the needy and comforting those who have lost a loved one.

Due to its willingness and vocation for service to the people of Mexico, we recognize and thank the Mexican Red Cross for its 105 years of humanitarian action.