The 17 goals comprising this agenda reflect the will and commitment of nations to respond to the complex challenges of our time.

Mexico values the incorporation (after its participation in the organization of various consultation forums and the final negotiation of the document) of the proposals presented by our nation, such as:

1. Social and economic inclusion as a guiding principle of the Sustainable Development Goals.

2. Broadening the concept of poverty on the basis of a multidimensional approach.

3. Considering gender equality and women’s empowerment as cross-cutting development factors.

4. Recognizing migrants’ rights and their positive contribution to their countries of origin and destination.

5. Including conservation of biodiversity in addressing climate change.

6. Acknowledging the rule of law as an indispensable requirement for development.

During this process, Mexico suggested that governments worldwide should endorse the principles of openness and public participation in Open Government.

Mexico regards the 2030 Agenda as a state commitment, a collective mission to positively transform the lives of millions of Mexicans.