The Partnership became the first global platform for reformers in government and civil society from different countries to commit publicly and globally to work to make their governments more open, responsive, and sensitive to their citizens’ needs through the implementation of innovative commitments.

The OGP increased from eight founding countries: Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and Mexico to 66 countries that now represent all the world’s regions. In these countries, government and civil society work together to develop and implement ambitious reforms that are changing the paradigm of public policy design.

In just four years, over 2,000 commitments have been made through more than 100 National Action Plans. These commitments, based on the principles of open government, transparency, accountability, citizen participation and technological innovation are changing the traditional dynamic through which citizens and governments relate to each other.

In Mexico we have developed and implemented two action plans. We recently completed the Action Plan 2013-2015, comprising 26 commitments, of which all the activities established for each of them with civil society have been met. These positive results are due to the development of a follow-up and monitoring methodology, the construction of a public dashboard to control commitments, but mainly the consolidation of a close relationship and cooperation between society and government in the Tripartite Technical Secretariat as the highest decision-making organ of the Partnership in Mexico, with the participation of civil society organizations, the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection and the government.

Mexico currently chairs the Open Government Partnership and is proud to be part of a multilateral organization, which provides tools for governments to meet and exchange knowledge to better serve the needs of all, and promote civic participation and innovation. There is a pressing obligation to implement public policies that promote inclusive growth. To meet these expectations, the Open Government has been working for four years, which we celebrate today.

Learn more about the OGP in and be part of the change by attending the Open Government Partnership 2015 Global Summit from October 27 to 29. in Mexico City,