• The number of homicides was 3% lower than in 2012 and 27.7% lower than in 2011.

• The crime rate was 1,328 per 100,000 inhabitants, the lowest in 17 years.

• Due to the National Anti-Kidnapping Strategy, kidnapping fell by 30.1% during the first seven months of 2015 in comparison with the same period in 2014.

100,000 women have received comprehensive support at 22 Justice Centers for Women in 17 states.

• The National Crusade against Hunger benefits 4.5 million people; 57.5% of them overcame food shortages.

PROSPERA supports 1 million families.

• The two strategies combined support 1.5 million indigenous families.

5.7 million female heads of household are protected through the Life Insurance Scheme for Female-headed Households.

2.8 million pesos in loans have been channeled to women entrepreneurs.

5.5 million seniors benefit from the the Pension Program for Senior Citizens.

• In three years, 33,000 persons with disabilities found jobs through liaison actions.

5.5 million Human Papillomavirus vaccines have been given to over 90% of 11-year-old girls.

• The number of Popular Insurance affiliates exceeds 57 million beneficiaries.

• More than 500 hospital units and 2,500 outpatient units have been built, completed or modernized.

• Between 2012 and 2014, the number of people with access to Social Security rose to 7 million.

• The New National Housing Policy permitted the construction of 868,500 houses throughout the country.

• As a result of Education Reform, 332,000 teachers have participated in admission examinations and 46,500 in promotion competitions.

• The facilities of 15,800 schools across the country have been improved.

• The number of full-time schools more than tripled, rising from 6,708 to 23,182.

One million tablets and laptops were delivered to fifth-grade students and teachers.

48,000 schools and research centers have been linked up to the Internet through the Mexico Connected program.

Two million scholarships were awarded during the 2014-2015 school year.

74.5% coverage in Middle School Education was achieved and half the students enrolled have grants.

Public investment in Scientific Research and Development reached 87.399 billion pesos.

Asian automakers have invested $6.5 billion USD.

• In 2014, income tax payments increased by 186 billion pesos, ie 13.6% of GDP.

6 million Mexicans have secured jobs through the National Employment Service.

40,000 entrepreneurs under 30 have enrolled in the Youth Credit Program.

Fixed telephony costs fell by 2%; mobile telephony costs by 12.4% and international long distance costs by 40.7%.

Electricity rates fell by 8% for households; 18% for businesses and 30% for industry.

8 million Mexicans were integrated into the drinking water service.

Exports from the agricultural sector exceeded $12.1 million USD.

29.3 million international tourists came to Mexico in 2014, 25.4% more than in 2014.

$82.7 billion USD have been received in FDI.

• In three years, 1,424,000 formal jobs have been created.