President Enrique Peña Nieto, inaugurated el78º Extraordinary National Congress of the CNC, "The Productive Revolution of Mexico".

"Today the Mexican countryside is in a different situation from that of  four years ago. Today Mexico’s countryside and the agrifood business have increased their productivity and also created more wealth for the benefit of Mexican families, who live in the countryside and are engaged in farming and fishing”.

The government has not stopped investing in the countryside, and has invested over 63 billion pesos.

Developments in the sector

- For over 23 years Mexico had failed to achieve a surplus in exports in the agricultural sector. Today it produces more and is exporting more than what the domestic market demands.

- The backlog of more than 150,000 cases that were pending in the agrarian courts has been reduced for the benefit of those living in the countryside.

- Mexican agrifood activity has increased productivity and also produces more wealth for the benefit of families living in rural areas engaged in farming and fishing.

- In the first six months of this year, agriculture grew by more than 4.2 percent, higher than the rate for other economic sectors.

- Agrifood activity in the first half of the year grew 3.3 percent more than average national growth.

- Credit for the countryside is cheaper, rural producers pay a lower interest rate and less than what financial institutions used to charge them.

- Interest rates were lowered to support the productive work of rural women, who are the pivot of development, accompany national development and warrant special attention effort to accompany the growth and development of the countryside.

- They have invested more than 21 billion pesos, for the purpose of leveraging guarantees that provide 171 billion pesos in loans for the countryside.

- Eroded land, where production is not allowed today will be recovered. The goal is to recover 200 hectares of eroded land that will make it possible to increase production.

- Another policy to benefit the countryside has been the Counrtyside in Your Hands Program, which  includes several specific actions to invest resources in support of rural women.

Mexico production in the  countryside

  • Mexico is the leading producer of avocado, tomato, mango and papaya, in addition to barley for beer production and agave for tequila production.
  • Seven out of ten avocados consumed worldwide are produced in Mexico.
  • Mexico is the second largest producer of zucchini, lemon and watermelon; and third largest of eggplant, bell pepper, cucumber, raspberry, blackberry, celery and lettuce.

"We are a nation that produces food for us, for our own consumption, but also we bring this wealth of domestic production to other markets, where we are opening more and more markets to enable Mexican products reach the tables of households in other parts of the world”.