“We are working for a Mexico with Quality Education to achieve families’ desire for their sons and daughters to achieve their potential and be fulfilled. That is why the first reform we promoted at the beginning of this Administration was Education Reform”: EPN

  • The constitutional right to quality education was established and the Mexican State recovered the control of education.
  • The list of teachers on the payroll was audited, and it was found that over 40,000 positions were not used for teaching. These positions, which have an annual value of 5 billion pesos, will now be assigned to classroom teachers.
  • The Strategy for the Strengthening and Transformation of Teacher Training Schools is underway, and includes its pedagogical updating and the professionalization of its teachers.
  • The Professional Teaching Service was created, which establishes clear rules for the entry, permanence and promotion of teachers, as well as a continuous training program for in-service teachers.
  • More than one million evaluations have been undertaken in every state in the country.
  • A mechanism was established to reward teachers on the basis of their merits, fully respecting their labor rights.
  • A census was conducted by INEGI. Based on this information, financing programs and mechanisms have been created to improve school infrastructure.
  • “At the end of the Administration, 80 billion pesos will have been allocated to this area, more than four times the amount invested in school infrastructure in the past two administrations combined”:

Full-Time Schools Program

  • The program has over 25,000 schools with an extended day, in other words, nearly four times the number there were five years ago.
  • The syllabuses and curricula of the New Education Model, in both Basic and Higher Education, were prepared with the support of Mexico’s leading specialists and are ready for use in the next school year.

New Education Model and Higher Education

“This constitutes a true pedagogical revolution that will allow students to learn freedom and creativity. Freedom to choose their path in life and make the best decisions; creativity to devise new solutions and build a better future”: EPN

  • It contemplates a National English Strategy.
  • Educational options have been modernized and expanded at the Middle and Higher levels.
  • In four years, 1.7 million new students have been incorporated into high school and college.
  • Total coverage of Senior High School Education, rose from 66% to 82%, its highest level to date.
  • During the current Administration, more than 640,000 students have been enrolled in Higher Education, bringing coverage from 32% to 37%.
  • Links between education centers and the labor market are being promoted through initiatives such as the Mexican Dual Training Model.
  • In order to support science, technology and innovation, postgraduate scholarships have increased by almost 35% so far during this Administration. CONACYT has promoted the talent of Mexico’s researchers and the development of scientific capacities at the regional level.
  • The Secretariat of Culture was created to facilitate access to cultural goods and services,  which has made a wide range of activities throughout the country and abroad available to millions of Mexicans and foreigners.