“We are working for a Mexico with Global Responsibility, because the well-being of our country goes hand-in-hand with global well-being.

That is why, during this Administration, we have pursued an active, purposeful foreign policy focused on defending our interests, strengthening our presence in the world, and building agreements to successfully tackle major global challenges”. EPN

  • Today Mexico is recognized as a serious, reliable interlocutor; an emerging power and an open, modern and competitive economy.
  • A new stage began in bilateral relations with the United States.
  • The government will continue to promote the recognition of migrants as agents of change and development; and will continue to reject any action or expression of discrimination against them.
  • Fifty consulates in the United States have been transformed into a legal advocacy agency to provide guidance and advice for Mexicans resident in that country.

“Relations with the new US government, as with any other nation, must be based on inalienable principles: sovereignty, defense of national interest and protection of our nationals.

I’ve said it before and I'll say it again. we will not accept anything that goes against our dignity as a Nation”: EPN

  • The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement is underway. Mexico’s goal is to consolidate this agreement as an instrument of regional integration, providing full certainty for trade and investment between Mexico, Canada and the United States.
  • The negotiating team has specific instructions to participate in this process with seriousness, in good faith and with a constructive spirit. It must focus on Mexico’s interest, while looking for a result in which the three countries will win.
  • In Latin America and the Caribbean, the defense of democratic values has been promoted, cooperation programs with Central America have been strengthened and economic integration has been consolidated with Chile, Colombia and Peru, through the Pacific Alliance.
  • With the European Union countries, this year, we hope to conclude the modernization of the Free Trade Agreement, to trade more products and services with this part of the world.
  • Economic ties with Mexico’s Asia-Pacific partners, especially China and Japan, were renewed and expanded.

2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement

  • Mexico contributed to the definition and adoption of the 2030 Agenda  for Sustainable Development; and hosted the Conference of the Parties on Biodiversity, held in Cancún.
  • Mexico has a firm commitment to the Paris Agreement against climate change.

“This is a commitment that we have made out of conviction. This is how we will honor and support it and promote it at all international forums.

With firmness and determination in defending our values and the loftiest global causes, our country is doing its part, with responsibility, to address the complex social, economic and environmental challenges of our time”: EPN