President Enrique Peña Nieto led the 41st edition of the National Grand Folk Art Prize Contest and witnessed the signing of the Agreement between the Tax Administration Service and FONART.

Over 2,200 pieces were enrolled in this event, of which 131 were winners.

“Congratulations on the great effort you have made to ensure that today we have these beautiful pieces.”

"Behind each one is love, heart, what each of our artisans wishes to project.”

In Mexico, craftsmanship is present throughout the country. There are an estimated six to seven million artisans engaged in this activity.

The government implements various programs to support this sector.

Four key actions

FIRST. Increase direct support. This year FONART has supported more than 34 000 artisans (58% more than in 2012).

Through FONART, attempts are being made to improve the organization of artisans in marketing their products and avoiding middlemen so that they can sell their pieces directly.

SECOND. The formalization of artisanal activity is being promoted as never before. A cooperation agreement was signed between SAT and FONART, which will facilitate the registration of crafts persons in the Fiscal Incorporation Regime (RIF).

Artisans will have access to an INADEM subsidy of up to 50,000 pesos, for their business. And artisans ages18 to 30 will be able to benefit from the Youth Credit Program, with funding of up to 150,000 pesos.

THIRD. Information systems are being promoted, to create a National Register of Artisans and a Mexican Craftsmanship Observatory.

They will be used to create a National Production Database; develop regional indicators and define the location of Artisanal Tourist Corridors, among other things.

QUARTER. FONART has been renovated to serve Mexico’s artisans and craftspeople better. Efforts have been made to foster healthy work environments, health training and improved workshops.

SEDESOL, in coordination with other agencies, will take education, health, food, housing and social security, programs to Mexico’s artisans

“Finally, I would like to say that for the president, it is always a source of great joy and pleasure to meet the representatives of the millions of craftsmen in our country. You represent millions of people who are engaged in craftwork, who are deeply involved in this activity.”