The National Public Security Council is the highest coordinating body of the Mexican State in this area, where decisions are made and agreements established to build a country of laws and rights.

Three years ago, President Enrique Peña Nieto pledged to implement six lines of action, the progress of which he described during the 39th Ordinary Session:

Commitment to prevention

The National Program for the Social Prevention of Violence and Crime has been launched. An investment of over 7.7 billion pesos has been used to promote social, cultural and sports activities, as well as productive and community projects, benefiting more than 5 million Mexicans in 238 polygons.


Strategies and guidelines have been defined with the jointly responsible participation of civil society. The National Anti-kidnapping Strategy was designed.

Institutional work

In these first three years, the Security Cabinet met on 66 occasions with the governors and Head of Government, to exchange experiences and information and establish joint operations in the five operating regions.


The evaluation, professionalization and performance processes of federal and local forces have been certified. The Gendarmerie Division, a reliable, modern, professional force has been created. A single state police force has been created, on the basis of Single Control agreements, and signed by 764,000 municipalities and their respective state governments.

Dialogue for Security.

Extensive training programs have been implemented to strengthen institutional actions to ensure the full exercise of fundamental rights. Two bills were submitted to Congress to address the disappearance of persons and torture.

Evaluation and feedback

Follow-up indicators have been improved and defined in collaboration with experts, academics and representatives of civil society.  State Policy on security and law enforcement can now be said to be showing results. 

The total incidence of crime has fallen by 12%.

The number of intentional homicides has dropped by 22%. On the northern border, the number of intentional homicides has fallen by 44.6%. 

Robbery with violence and theft on highways has fallen by more than 24%.

Abductions have fallen by 27%.

Extortions have fallen by 30%.