President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the gas price increase reflects the increase in international gasoline prices, and is a responsible and consistent measure to preserve the stability of the country's economy.

The president said that without this measure, the effects and consequences for the country would have been more severe:

“The cost of the failure to ensure our economic stability would be even greater, and more painful and costly than that of the measure that has been taken and we will continue to explain this, as we have already done. I urge society to listen what the government is trying to tell it about what led it to make this decision, which is undoubtedly painful and difficult yet inevitable”: EPN

The government is working to determine measures to support the most vulnerable sectors of our population. 

“The government will not allow abuses by those who use this as an excuse to commit outrages and implement unjustified price increases for certain items": EPN