President Enrique Peña Nieto led the commemoration of the 30 years of the National Civil Protection System and Start of the Rain and Cyclone Season 2016, in the city of Campeche.

The emergency situations Mexico has faced have demonstrated the need for a state policy based on risk mitigation and a culture of prevention. Mexico is vulnerable to earthquakes, floods, heavy rains, tropical cyclones and constant volcanic activity.

"Today, Mexicans have: a much more consolidated, better prepared system, with greater capacities, that is constantly being updated and strengthened.” 

It is a system that links government efforts and the efforts of civil society, with full  awareness of the strength that Nature sometimes has, and which attends the early warnings issued to prevent further damage and, above all, the loss of human lives.

Rain and Cyclones Season 2016

- It is estimated that during the rain and cyclone season 2016, there will be 30 tropical cyclones; 5 more than the annual average.
- From now on, state, federal and municipal Civil Protection authorities must provide the location and operation of shelters and review the operation of warning systems.
- It is necessary to test emergency protocols; conduct drills and ensure ongoing communication.

Civil Protection actions

  • The National Council for Civil Protection and the National Emergency Committee were set up in 2013, when they met for the first time.
  • More resources have been allocated to the Fund for Natural Disaster Prevention and the implementation of the Natural Disaster Fund was streamlined.
  • A budget of over eight billion pesos has been approved for both funds for this year.
  • The National MX Response Plan has been innovated, which unifies the immediate attention actions for  all government agencies and civil society organizations.

These changes are complemented by concrete actions of great operational importance such as the federal haulage carrier number plate, available for all civil protection and emergency units as from today.

“We are all Civil Protection. Civil protection is not only the government’s responsibility. Enhancing it and making it efficient and more effective requires the participation of society and government, so that together we will advance, dealing with adverse moments, the ravages of nature, and creating this great system, this great undertaking in favor of civil protection.”