President Enrique Peña Nieto participated in the 14th edition of the Mexico Business Summit: “Discovering the New Technological Era”.

The president urged people to work together:

“Let us defend and continue working for what we have achieved through the efforts of several generations. Let us set aside particular and partisan attitudes; the present requires us to work on one side, for a single reason: México”. EPN

The president added that the government has created certainty for investors and business development in Mexico, and is working on three main fronts:

FIRST: “Continue to provide an environment of macroeconomic uncertainty. We must continue to preserve an economic environment of stability through sound public finances, a flexible exchange rate, autonomy as regards the Central Bank’s monetary policy, and a robust banking system”.

SECOND: “Certainty in the implementation of each of the Structural Reforms. Now is the time to continue working on the greatest economic transformation of the past two decades, through greater competition in the markets, credit expansion and the opening up of sectors”.

THIRD:  “Certainty in the application of the rule of law. We will continue to improve what we have called everyday justice, the kind that has the greatest impact on the everyday lives of Mexicans, where 90 percent of litigation cases are resolved, which includes 90 percent of the differences between Mexicans or foreigners.

"We will continue with the implementation of Adversarial Criminal Justice System, a new model of criminal justice that also breaks a great paradigm. It will involve us in the conception and assimilation of a new culture in the implementation of criminal justice and the consolidation of two new systems: the National Transparency System and as of today, the National Anticorruption System”. EPN