President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM).

ITAM is a great example of the educational model the government is promoting

“It has made an invaluable contribution to many generations. It has taught men and men who are now contributing, from different areas of society, to the construction of a better nation”: EPN

Through the changes promoted by the government and the convergence of efforts of the various political expressions, important foundations have been laid that will make it possible to project and imagine what Mexico will be like within a few years:

  • With better quality education,
  • a Mexico with more energy sovereignty,
  • a Mexico where there are companies engaged in the exploration and production of resources and energy wealth for prosperity and national development,
  • a Mexico that is more competitive in various sectors.

Education reform

This reform makes the greatest contribution to development because it directly benefits all Mexican families, by offering the following generations a greater opportunity for personal growth and well-being.

It consists mainly of three important variables:

1. Improving teachers’ professionalization;

2. Having better trained teachers, subjected to regular evaluation;

3. Having better educational infrastructure.

“Let us speak well of what we want, where we live and where we are.

Let us continue positively and constructively transforming our country, so that future generations will have a space for greater personal fulfillment, and professional and personal success”: EPN