Mexico is the only member country of the OGP, which fully complied with the Action Plan 2013-2015, comprising the following commitments:

1. Your government in one place |
2. Clear, transparent regulation
3. Accessible laws:
4. Register of arrested persons
5. Database on missing persons:
6. Open list of beneficiaries
7. Open purchases
8. Smart purchases
9. Open spending: Public works
10. Open Taxes
11. Open, participatory entrepreneurial fund
12. Infrastructure for everyone
13. Public works continue
14. Open Data Policy |
15. Open Data Advisory Board
16. Open highway data
17. Higher Education
18. Data for a Mexico at peace
19. Scholarship portal
20. Public challenges.
21. Transparent FONDEN
22. Oil for everyone’s benefit
23. Mining for everyone
24. Evidence-based environmental care
25. Participatory environmental protection:
26. Mexico’s adherence to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Details on each commitment, and their respective work plans, are available at: