Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto led the 206th anniversary of the start of the independence movement with the traditional ceremony of the Shout of Independence.

The event was attended, as is traditional, by representatives of the Powers of the Union, the diplomatic corps, independent organizations and members of the Cabinet. Representatives of the armed forces of various countries were also present.

On this occasion, directors of non-government organizations, university deans, artisans, researchers, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, farmers, grant holders, teachers and chefs were invited.

The event was also attended by six IMSS members who had received heart or kidney transplants and prominent members of indigenous communities.

As a form of recognition of their work, the president’s special guests included several members of the Armed Forces who have excelled in fulfilling their tasks.

“Mexicans: Long live the heroes who gave us a country and freedom. Long live Hidalgo. Long live Morelos. Long live Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez. Long live Allende. Long live Aldama. Long live Galeana. Long live Matamoros. Long live Guerrero. Long live National Independence. Long live Mexico. Long live Mexico. Long live Mexico”. EPN