By Enrique Peña Nieto.

This time, we agreed to collaborate more closely, around a shared vision of inclusive development. We are convinced that international trade and regional integration are the engine of prosperity and social welfare; and we agree that this can be achieved through inclusive green growth.

Canada and Mexico have bilateral trade of 20 billion dollars, making Mexico Canada’s third largest trade partner and Canada Mexico’s third largest trade partner. In addition, more than  3,500 Canadian investment companies operate in our country, while the accumulated investment flow since 1999 stands at nearly $26 billion dollars.

However, our ties are becoming more intense and dynamic.

For that reason, we agreed to renew the bilateral relationship, to identify new opportunities for cooperation and face the future together, for the benefit of our peoples.

I therefore welcome the Canadian government’s decision to lift the visa requirement for Mexicans as of December 1 of this year. This barrier was imposed in 2009 and today, with great political will, we are tearing it down.


At the North American Leaders' Summit, the governments of Canada, United States and Mexico sought to join forces on common issues such as the environment, competitiveness, security and regional development to advance our integration.

We are three governments that know that isolated national efforts are insufficient. We therefore decided to make better use of our complementarities to make North America the most competitive region in the world.


However, my government is also committed to the integration of Latin America. This year we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the creation of the Pacific Alliance (PA), one of the most valuable mechanisms for regional integration.

In 2011 Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico decided to leverage our potential and build a roadmap for the free movement of people, goods, services and capital. We did so because we realized the importance of putting aside differences and creating coincidences in favor of our societies.

It has been five years of great achievements and today the PA is sending a very clear message to the world: Latin America is being transformed to provide greater well-being for its societies, overcoming economic disparities and achieving real social inclusion.

The goal that now brings us to Puerto Varas, Chile, is to reflect on what has been achieved, look ahead and build a joint future vision. We want to give an unprecedented boost to innovation and entrepreneurship, with full commitment to sustainable development and to create partnerships on regulatory cooperation and migration.

I trust that the work we will do at this XI Summit will allow us to continue moving towards greater integration for the benefit of our countries and throughout Latin America.

As a region, there are still many challenges we face and I am convinced that the best way is to do so is together, shoulder to shoulder, and working for the most important thing we have: our people.

Published in El Financiero