In 2015, Mexico proved its ability to grow and create jobs. Today, Mexico is the main source of growth in Latin America. In the first 11 months of 2015, 948,000 formal jobs were created, 231,000 more than the average for the past ten years.

In the first two and a half years of this administration, over $82.7 billion USD have been received in FDI. This amount is 38% higher than the comparable figure for the same period in the previous administration.

Between January and September 2015, foreign direct investment amounted to $21.585 6 billion USD. Some of the investments announced are listed below:

Goodyear-$550 million USD

Goodyear company announced a $550 million USD investment  in building a tire production plant in the state of San Luis Potosí. The new plant will allow the direct creation of a thousand quality jobs and five thousand indirect jobs and, and permit annual production of over six million tires.

Toyota-$1 billion USD

The automaker Toyota announced an investment of over one billion dollars in Mexico. “Mexico has skilled labor and a climate of labor peace, and we have several competitive advantages that make us truly attractive for investment,” said President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Constellation Brands-$2.275 billion USD

Robert Sands, CEO of Constellation Brands, the brewer that markets Grupo Modelo brands in the United States, announced it will invest $2.275 billion USD in the state of Coahuila.

$1.650 billion USD of this amount will be allocated to the expansion of a brewery in the state and $625 million USD to expand the capacity of the adjoining plant’s glass container production. Production capacity will increase from the 10 million hectoliters the plant currently produces annually to 25 million hectoliters by 2017.

Ford-$2.5 billion USD

The Ford Motor Company announced an investment of $2.5 billion USD for the expansion of one engine plant and the construction of another plant to produce new generation engines and transmissions. This investment will permit the creation of nearly four thousand jobs in the states of Chihuahua and Guanajuato.

AT&T-$3 billion USD

The AT&T Administrative Board, led by its Chairman Randall Stephenson, announced a three-billion-dollar investment in Mexico, in addition to the $4.375 billion USD the company spent on acquiring Iusacell and Nextel this year.

The new investment will be used to create a network of latest-generation mobile internet that in just six months, will be able to serve a third of the national population, and by 2018, could achieve coverage of up to100 million people.

Grupo Modelo-$5 billion USD

Grupo Modelo announced a five-billion-peso investment in the Maya Project. Ricardo Tadeu, President and CEO, said that the choice of Mexico as an investment destination has been simple: “Mexico has important qualities, a young, dynamic population, a privileged geographical location, exceptional trade liberalization and an environment that provides everyone with legal and tax certainty,” he said.

The investment will permit the construction of an aluminum can manufacturing plant in the municipality of Hunucmá to produce up to one billion cans a year. This comprehensive project will create over a thousand direct jobs during the construction phase; more than 500 direct and permanent jobs during the operational phase and thousands of indirect jobs throughout the supply chain.

Cargill-$7.254 million USD

Cargill President and CEO David MacLennan announced a business plan involving more than seven billion dollars in investment for 2015-2018. Cargill, which arrived in Mexico in 1965, was established 150 years ago. It is in different countries and different states in Mexico, supporting farming.

Global Enterprises Administrative Council-11.072 billion USD

The Executive Council of Global Enterprises (ECGE), which brings together 39 worldwide companies in different sectors, announced that this year it will invest $11.172 billion USD in Mexico in addition to $13.503 billion USD in operating expenses. These investments will allow over 56,000 jobs to be created.

Real Estate Developers’ Association MDD-$18 billion USD

The Real Estate Developers’ Association (ADI) announced an investment of 18 billion dollars, equivalent to 277 billion pesos, during this administration. This investment will allow the construction of 279 modern real estate projects, including 117 housing developments and 61 malls.

Mexican Business Council-$33 billion USD

The Mexican Business Council announced a $33-billion-dollar investment by the companies comprising it, equivalent to a total investment of over 520 billion pesos for 2015.

The firms in the Council have invested in the fields of telecommunications, consumer products, mining, retail stores, chemicals, auto parts, pharmaceuticals, banking, food, transportation, construction and infrastructure, and technology and information.