President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony commemorating the 169th anniversary of the heroic deeds of the Boy Heroes of Chapultepec.

The president read out the List of Honor of the Military College students: Lieutenant Juan de la Barrera, and cadets Juan Escutia, Agustín Melgar, Vicente Suárez, Fernando Montes de Oca and Francisco Márquez, and Lieutenant José Azueta and Cadet Virgilio Uribe from the Heroic Military Naval School.

A company of cadets from the Heroic Military College fired a salvo in their memory.

He urged cadets to advance along the path of success and achievement, and called for, “Education to be our best tool for developing the skills and capabilities that will allow us to meet tomorrow’s challenges”.

 “We will remain custodians of that legacy of loyalty left to us by the Boy Heroes of Chapultepec. Loyalty with honor, which is instilled and practiced in our schools in order to be the guarantors of national integrity, independence and sovereignty”. EPN