The Ciudad Juárez Fund is a financial instrument that will make it possible to translate the binational dynamics between Mexico and the United States into greater benefits, and works and projects with a direct impact on Ciudad Juárez and its people. 

The government of Chihuahua will now be responsible for operating four international bridges, including the Guadalupe-Tornillo International Bridge, inaugurated today.

Revenue from these bridges means that an initial sum of 1.6 billion pesos is already available to develop infrastructure to raise the productivity and competitiveness of Juárez. 

The Fund is a modern, flexible, innovative instrument with four key features:

FIRST. Its source of income: the revenue obtained from crossing the border bridges. This will not affect the public finances of the municipality or those of the state government.

SECOND. The use of resources: which will be exclusively allocated for improving urban infrastructure and promoting the projects that improve the competitiveness of the city. This is therefore a fund for the future of Ciudad Juárez.

THIRD. Its investment policy: which will promote the selection of projects that will be complemented by private investment and generate their own income to finance additional investments later on. 

FOURTH. The broad participation Juárez society will have in the selection of projects.

In  addition to members of the three branches of government, representatives of local business and civil society will participate in its Technical Committee, which makes it a participatory, transparent fund.