President Enrique Peña Nieto led the 99th Ceremony of the Anniversary of the Passage of the 1917 Mexican Political Constitution in the city of Querétaro.

"The Mexican Political Constitution is a synthesis of our history and at the same time, the national project that has united and identified us as Mexicans for nearly a century.”

During the event, tribute was paid to the Constituents, who were able to build consensuses and create agreements to establish this great Social Pact.

The  1916-1917 Constituent Congress and  the men who laid the foundations for making Mexico a country of laws and institutions and a nation of rights and freedoms were solemnly and respectfully remembered.

The Constitution is the legal platform to promote the economic, political, social and cultural development of Mexico's future. It has been renovated, making it possible to envisage a country that provides access to swift, effective and transparent justice, which protects victims, inspires confidence and delivers results.

The reforms adopted in recent years are expanding the horizons of development in the country while at the same time, guiding national efforts.

They express the will of a society ready to advance the construction of a better country and, above all, they reflect the collective commitment to transform Mexico.

Today, the Constitution envisages a Mexico with greater empowerment of women and effective gender equality in the country's political life. It imagines a nation where the state has fully recovered the control of education to ensure its quality. 

The Constitution guiding Mexico’s destiny remains a valid, avant-garde Constitution.


In 2017 the Centenary of the Passage of the 1917 Mexican Constitution will be commemorated; in this context, a package of reform initiatives and public policies will be defined to make Everyday Justice an effective right.

Major infrastructure works will be commissioned to mark the event.