President Enrique Peña Nieto today led the Presentation of Promotions and Awards to members of the Armed Forces, as part of the 106th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

He called on all Mexicans to follow the example of the armed forces and strengthen unity. 

 “National unity allows us to recognize, appreciate and celebrate our political, cultural and ethnic diversity that enriches us as a society”. EPN


As he personally delivered 47 awards and promotions to Division General and Head of the Presidential General Staff Roberto Francisco Miranda Moreno, President Peña Nieto congratulated them:

“On their services to the fatherland, on their continuing efforts for the benefit of Mexicans, and their sports merit,” and especially, “To staff who have been promoted to the next grade”: EPN

Receiving a promotion is one of the most significant events in the life of a military man. It is a recognition of their studies, their physical condition and health, their professional trajectory and their institutional loyalty.

These awards and promotions honor those who receive them, but also their superiors. They are also a recognition of their military and naval units.

Call to Unity

The awards granted are also for the battalions and brigades, because it is a team rather than an individual triumph; because they are united in actions and purposes; and because they are united in heart and soul.

“Here at Campo Militar Marte, I urge all Mexicans to follow the example of our Armed Forces and strengthen our unity, to close ranks to continue advancing towards a more inclusive, equitable and prosperous country.

With unity, we celebrate our ancient roots and our bicentennial identity. With unity, we vindicate the greatness of our past and work together for a better future. “With unity, let us defend the highest interests of the country and protect the nation’s welfare”. EPN