Today, the IMSS Regional Hospital 270 was formally delivered and Tampico General Hospital was inaugurated in the state of Tamaulipas.

The former provides specialized care for the population of Reynosa and neighboring municipalities. With an investment of over 1 billion pesos, over 1,700 healthcare professionals and 42 specialties, it will benefit half a million people.

Tampico  General Hospital involved an investment of over one million pesos (93% federal) and will benefit over 760,000 inhabitants.

The size of these large-scale public works reflects the government’s enormous commitment to Mexicans’ health.

In three years, over 500 hospital units and over 2,700 outpatient units have been built, completed or modernized nationwide, with an investment of nearly 20 billion pesos. 

Moreover, in the past three years, 589 hospital units and over 2,800 outpatient units have been built, completed or modernized for the IMSS and ISSSTE nationwide through an investment of over 34 billion pesos.

Improved IMSS Services

-Reduced wait times for scheduled surgery and allocation of hospital beds.

-Improved emergency services. A program will be implemented to receive medical care in emergency departments in eight minutes or less, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.

-Bed management program. In 24 medical units, a pilot program is already underway to allow emergency patients to spend less time under observation before occupying a hospital bed. In 2016, this program will be expanded to 160 hospitals.

-Reduction of surgical delays. The surgical backlog is being reduced by scheduling surgeries on weekends and through Extraordinary Medical and Surgical Conferences and Meetings.

 -Reduced waiting times in family medicine. The Single Line strategy will be used to improve access to and timeliness of consultations for patients without an appointment.