President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony of the 101st Anniversary of Mexican Air Force Day in the state of Sonora.

“Mexico’s army, navy and air force are institutions that guarantee peace, sovereignty and national independence.”

Unwavering honor and loyalty

The Mexican Air Force is made up of women and men who, with unwavering honor and loyalty, serve Mexicans from various military zones and naval and air bases in Mexico.

They show that they are exceptional Mexicans, who have excellent training and a high sense of duty. Thanks to their professionalism and dedication, their performance and actions on land, sea and air, Mexican families know and acknowledge the fact that in their custody, the country is well-protected.

For the government, the best way to honor their service to the nation is by firmly supporting the consolidation of a modern, well equipped and more responsive Air Force.

Institutional capacity

This administration has seen an unprecedented effort to expand the institutional capacities of the Air Force.

It has promoted the construction of more infrastructure, in order to have a greater territorial presence and ensure better deployment throughout the country.

To this end, the following buildings have been constructed: the facilities of the General Headquarters of the Northeast Air Region and Air Squadron 204, inaugurated today in Hermosillo, Sonora.

In the same city, a Housing Unit was built and Military Air Base 3 was remodeled in Baja California, and inaugurated today at a distance.

These facilities strengthen military presence in the northeast of the country, an area that, because of its geographical characteristics, requires state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to ensure its proper surveillance.

This year, work has begun to modernize the C4 ISR Command and Control System located on the premises of the Ministry of National Defense.  It seeks to increase the effectiveness of aerial surveillance operations in the country and control the aircraft that move across our skies.

The three years of this administration have seen the largest renovation effort in the past 30 years.

"Through specific works and concrete actions, we support those who every day, regardless of the time or weather conditions, loyally serve their country.”