President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony of the 101st Anniversary of the Enactment of the Agrarian Law of January 6, 1915.

He declared that the Agrarian Law of January 6, 1915 marked the start of a new stage of development for the countryside and of the construction of institutions that protect land ownership.

Achievements for the benefit of Mexican agriculture during the past three years: 

1. This year, through the Special Concurrent Program for Sustainable Rural Development, over 352.8 billion pesos will be invested, 47 billion more than in 2012. This budget, which will be spent more effectively, is designed to raise productivity.

2. This administration has shifted from a purely welfare policy based solely on subsidies to a policy based on incentives, making it possible to increase productivity and democratize the food industry.

3. Farmers achieved better crops, have higher incomes and have the support needed to grow and achieve more.

The funds received by 2.3 million farmers are provided under simpler rules with less paperwork.

4. The government is promoting the adoption of new technologies for generating and adding value to farm work. 

5. To date, technified irrigation has been incorporated into 420 hectares; equivalent to 93% of the six-year goal of technifying 450,000 hectares.

6. SAGARPA has supported the acquisition of more than 7000 tractors. This is an unprecedented effort in recent years to boost the mechanization of the countryside. 

7. There are now nine National Centers for Innovation and Technology Transfer, where production processes are being modernized and greater value is being added to products.

8. In the first 10 months of last year, agricultural and agro-industrial exports to the rest of the world exceeded 22.4 billion pesos, equivalent to an annual increase of 4.7% over the same period last year.

9. Rural producers have more, cheaper credit that is easier to obtain. The National Financer of Agricultural, Rural, Forestry and Fisheries Development was created, which provides credit to small farmers, with the lowest interest rates on the market: 7% annually for men and 6.5% for women. This financing program for small farmers has benefited over 140,000 Mexicans, with 12 billion pesos in loans.

10. SAGARPA is conducting a thorough review of the operating rules for programs in the countryside. The aim is to make them fairer and more equitable.

During this administration, the following actions have been implemented:

-1,107 property deeds for national plots of land, protecting an area of 13,236 hectares.

-244 declaratory actions covering 54,000 hectares.

-850 property deeds for 484 hectares, to regulate plot of land in agricultural and livestock neighborhoods.

-This year, SEDATU will set up 32 Agrarian Development Councils in the states.

-In 2015, over 113 thousand housing solutions were provided.