01. La Laguna Northern Bypass (Mazatlan-Matamoros Northern Economic Corridor ).

Investment: 2.4 billion pesos

Benefits: It will boost the economic competitiveness of the region and the quality of life of its inhabitants. It will allow traffic to avoid Matamoros, Torreón and Gómez Palacio, reducing traveling time by one hour. With a length of 40.7 km and an investment of 1.4 billion pesos, it will benefit over a million people.

02. “El Realito” Aqueduct (SLP).

Investment: 2.764 billion pesos (42% Federal 58% State)

Benefits: 132.5 kilometers of the “El Realito” aqueduct, which will ensure the drinking water supply in the metropolitan area of  SLP for the next 30 years. It will benefit 400,000 inhabitants.

03. “Ignacio Pichardo” Distributor Road (State of Mexico).

Investment: 300 million pesos

Benefits: It will expedite the transport of goods and people in the area. It will reduce traveling time during peak hours by half an hour. It will reduce pollution indices and fuel consumption.

It will increase safety, by preventing long-distance heavy traffic from using internal roads in the area. These two road bridges, with a total length of 1.7 km, will benefit over 800,000 people, particularly the residents of San Mateo Atenco and Toluca.

04. Amecameca-Cuautla highway, an integral part of the Chalco-Cuautla highway.

Investment: 1,630 million pesos.

Benefits: 24 kilometers of a four-lane highway. It will increase the road safety of nearly 12,000 users who drive through the area every day, reduce traveling times by 1 hour and lower transportation costs for producers and distributors; decrease pollution; boost industrial, agricultural and tourism development in the southeast of Mexico and the northeast of the State of Morelos and benefit approximately 1,170,000 people.

05. Pablo García y Montilla Ring Road (Campeche).

Investment: 1.650 billion pesos

Benefits: It will promote economic development in Campeche and strengthen tourism by forming part of the Mexico-Puebla-Puerto Progreso corridor. It will ease an average traffic flow of more than 8000 vehicles per day, which will reduce travel time, eliminate the frequent head-on crashes that used to occur; reduce vehicle operating costs and the emission of pollutants; and speed up the movement of goods between the states in the Peninsula and the center of the country.

06. 100 per cent schools/Rehabilitation of Rodolfo Menéndez Elementary School.

Investment: The Rodolfo Menéndez School will be assigned nearly three million pesos to be spent on the refurbishment and structural safety of the buildings as well as the repair of the school’s toilets and multipurpose areas.

Benefits: This school forms part of the 100% Schools Program, designed to improve the quality of the infrastructure of schools across the country. During the second stage, drinking fountains will be built and accessibility and administrative areas will be improved. Finally, it will join the Full-time Schools Program, be equipped with a cafeteria and increase its library stock.

07. Bulevar Industria Automotriz and D9 Distributor Road (Puebla).

Investment: 729 million pesos.

Benefits: This kind of public works consolidates infrastructure works as an engine of development that allows the arrival of greater investment, which translates into more and better jobs for Mexicans. The importance of this boulevard will also be felt in the automotive industry, since it provides access to the Finsa Puebla II Industrial Park that will accommodate 40 companies linked to the sector. It will benefit 762,000 people.

08. Don-Nogales Highway (Sonora)

Investment: 16.5 billion pesos

Benefits: 652 kilometers of highway were delivered in total, which will trigger the state’s potential as regards logistics. The work is designed to improve the quality of life of Sonora’s residents.

09. Delivery of dwellings rehabilitated or reconstructed following the tornado in Ciudad Acuña (Coahuila).

Investment: Over 200 million pesos

Benefits: More than 2000 families benefited directly. An average of 10 houses were rehabilitated and two houses built every day. Seven public spaces were improved including: a Community Development Center, Parque Santa Rosa, Parque Lineal and the Sports Area.

10. Inauguration of BioMimic Scientific and Technological Cluster (Veracruz).

Investment: 500 million pesos, 10 percent of which were provided by the private sector, making this an example of the public, private and academic partnerships we wish to implement in various states throughout the country.

Benefits: The development of leading-edge scientific projects such as: New drugs and food technology, environmentally-friendly insecticides and fertilizers, new varieties of plants and trees resistant to pests and toxic diseases.





President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered rehabilitation and reconstruction works in the area affected by a tornado last May 25, in addition to dwellings that have been rebuilt.