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If you own a boat destined for personal pleasure and wish to access Mexican waters, follow this procedure:

Whoever is responsible for the boat must refer to the Instituto Nacional de Migración the information regarding arrival and exit from the country, along with the listing of the people on board in the following format: 

Instructions for the shipping of electronic passenger lists

The generated archive must be referred to the following e-mail address: of the local Delegation for the INM located in Ensenada, Baja California.

In that same e-mail, the person responsible for the boat must attach the corresponding rights payment* by immigration servicescheck the updated fees corresponding to the total of foreigners on board entering national waters.

To make the rights payment, individually or collectively, click on the next link: Fill the format for payment of Sport Fishing and Nautical Tourism

*The right’s payment is established in article 8, fraction I, of the Ley Federal de Derechos, referring to the fee of  $717 for each foreigner

The INM will inform the sender via e-mail the authorization or banning for the entrance of any person that intends to access national waters on a boat.

In the authorization e-mail, the INM will grant de condition of stay of visitor without permit for remunerated activities, while the person doesn´t exceed their stay of 180 days and without permission to multiple entrance and exits, with a copy of the agreement to the Secretaría de Marina (SEMAR) and the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT)

Foreigner, get to know the instructions for the shipping of information

According to what is established in the article 46 of the Ley Federal de Migración, the articles 43 and 44 of it´s rule book, if you are responsible of sending the electronic information related to the passengers, crew and transportation that enters or exits the country by sea, you must know the following instructions to correctly send such information to the Instituto Nacional de Migración:


Sea transportation enterprises and private boats