In what will be his last national tour, President Enrique Peña Nieto today inaugurated four major highway infrastructure works in the state of Sonora, which will strengthen the economy of the state and benefit Sonorans with safer, more modern roads.

The four works inaugurated today are: the Ciudad Obregón Bypass, the Modernization of the Estación Don-Nogales Highway and the Guaymas-Empalme and Magdalena de Kino bypasses.

”In no previous Administration had the sum of resources from the public and private sectors managed to enhance infrastructure in the way it has done in this Administration”: EPN

  • The modernization of the Estación Don-Nogales highway, which crosses virtually the entire state of Sonora, and has a length of 657.9 kilometers, is extremely important, “For the economic development and welfare of its inhabitants.

The progress made in this Administration, “Is a result of the task and mission I set myself six years ago, to be able to contribute to the national transformation, to move Mexico. That is what we have done through this ambitious National Development Plan in terms of infrastructure, which we have largely fulfilled”.

  • The Secretariat of Communications and Transport was responsible for fulfilling largest number of pledges signed in the presence of a notary public: 103 of the 266 commitments.
  • The president declared that as a result of the opening up of the energy sector, to date, “on the basis of the fields that have already been tendered, over $200 billion USD in the energy sector alone” have been pledged.
  • He said that in terms of telecommunications, “We also opened up and regulated the sector, which now generates more competition. It is therefore no coincidence that today mobile and Internet users can choose from different companies offering these services, which compete in quality and price”.

· Although a government is unable to meet all the demands and needs of a nation, in six years it certainly has the opportunity to leave its mark and contribute to creating a better nation and having a better Mexico”: EPN