When he inaugurated the Siglo XXI Highway, which directly connects the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico without crossing the Mexico City Metropolitan Area, President Enrique Peña Nieto also delivered 1,500 patrol cars to the Federal Police.

The achievements of an Administration cannot be exclusively attributed to a person, team, or the person who leads the destiny of a nation, since they are the achievements of an entire country. “One should recognize the diversity and plurality Mexico has, and build in unity to achieve better conditions”. EPN

The president thanked the Federal Police, “Because as the most important civil police force the government has, it has men and women who are committed, qualified and trained, who have served the nation with absolute commitment and a great deal of sacrifice”.

Infrastructure development

“This has been an Administration that has been deeply committed to infrastructure development. Today we are delivering this important highway, which truly expands the connectivity that our country has and which we have been promoting and strengthened. I have said this at various forums: we set out to build 52 new highways, of which 49 are almost completed and three are scheduled for completion in the following weeks, but within the fiscal year of this administration. These 52 highways and 80 Federal roads that were expanded and modernized, enabled us to generate better connectivity between the different regions of the country, and thereby also ensure greater competitiveness”: EPN

  • He announced that the investment made in road infrastructure during this six-year term, “Is 46 percent greater than in the previous Administration.
  •  Today, Mexico is a country that is better communicated, with new highways, better roads, and a major expansion of the operating capacity of ports, through which we trade with the world. We doubled their capacity”.
  • "During these six years, the same operating capacity was generated in the country’s ports as in the previous 100 years.