President Enrique Peña Nieto led the closing ceremony of the 107th Annual General Assembly of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

The IMSS has been strengthened by various policies implemented since the beginning of the current administration.

The president explained the new format of the 107th Assembly, which breaks with tradition:

“It now has a more open format that projects this transformation and, above all, these digital innovation processes that the Social Security Institute is promoting”: EPN

Digital IMSS

The IMSS has improved and streamlined its services.

Today, in comparison with 2012, just four years ago, 72 percent of its procedures have been digitalized.

Three out of four Social Security procedures can now be done digitally through the Internet.

The burden of the proof of life procedure for senior citizens, who used to have to go to the Social Security Institute in person to prove that they were alive and be entitled to continue receiving their pension, now falls on the Social Security Institute and is renewed digitally.

Medical appointments and payment of company quotas can be arranged on the Internet; it is no longer necessary to go to the Social Security Institute in person.

ICTs provide a historic opportunity to transform the Social Security care model, which the institute is leveraging.

Digitization has enabled the shift from an IMSS with long lines to an IMSS with technological solutions.

Today, most procedures to affiliate new beneficiaries and collect worker-employer contributions can be done online.

 “Let us continue consolidating the IMSS Digital project, because this will provide more efficient service to the insured population and allow us to guarantee what the Social Security Institute provides: good health care, care for the insured population and quality of life for all of them”: EPN


PREVENIMSS is a prevention-oriented care model adopted by other social security and health sector institutions.

The president highlighted the cooperation and team work between the Health Secretary, the ISSSTE Director and the Social Security Director and the Armed Forces and PEMEX health institutions, among others.

The streamlining of its services, spaces, and policies to generate savings has reduced the use of its reserves to just 28 percent.

“In other words, the Institute’s operating deficit, which used to force it to use 72 percent of its reserves, has been reduced, and today, I think we are en route to ensuring greater financial viability for this great institution" EPN

The number of jobs created so far during this Administration is higher than in any previous government: 2,330,000 jobs, which means higher revenues and higher income for the Institute of the order of 37 percent.

The government has established conditions to attract productive investment and be a major facilitator of investment and it is precisely entrepreneurs and business people, who are creating jobs through these investments.

The investment plan designed to improve medical infrastructure through 12 hospitals and more health care clinics comprises 20 billion pesos.

The number of places at its day care centers will significantly increase from 10,000 to 25,000.

“The Social Security Institute not only provides services for its beneficiaries. It has extended its services and shown its social face and commitment by opening over 400 clinics in distant parts of the country, in the most isolated areas, where there is great awareness and a great social vocation on the part of Social Security doctors and nurses, who, through medical days, are supporting the most vulnerable population”: EPN