What is GOB.MX?

gob.mx is the platform that promotes innovation in government, boosts efficiency, and transforms processes to provide the population with information, procedures and a platform for participation.

This website will enable you to consult and perform procedures quickly and efficiently, without the need for queuing and wasting your time, from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

We have also simplified requirements so you can get all the information you need on the government at a single point.

Finally, we have enabled innovative digital media so that you can participate and collaborate in decision-making and together we can build better public policies.

As a government, we are required to evolve the way our institutions operate, by adapting to the growing expectations of society and effectively responding to its demands; gob.mx rethinks the relationship between citizens and government.

Gob.mx is an initiative led by the Coordination of the President’s Office and the Digital Government Unit of the Secretariat of Public Service, in collaboration with all the Federal Public Administration agencies in order to provide citizens with an integrated, modern government that is close to the people.

At gob.mx/tramites, you will have quick, easy access to the Federal Public Administration procedures most frequently requested by citizens, and to all the information you will need to perform. You will be able to download forms, make appointments, send in applications and make payments online. All in a single point.

We have simplified the requirements for procedures, through interoperability, in other words, by exchanging information between state agencies to avoid requesting information the government already has on file.

We have established a Seal of Excellence that will provide high-quality digital services. Our goal for 2018 will be to reduce the economic cost (the time you waste on administrative management) of procedures by 25%¹

gob.mx is also a very important tool for combating corruption. Completing your procedures online lets you avoid intermediaries, and therefore, any attempt at corruption by both officials and outsiders who corrupt the transparency of the process.

gob.mx/gobierno is the only platform for communication between the entire Federal Public Administration system. You will be able to find out about the functions, actions and programs on which the government agencies and state productive enterprises are now working.

You will not have to look for public information in the more than 5000 government sites that existed until now. Nor will you have to deal with outdated sites in platforms that are not user-friendly. gob.mx/gobierno will bring people and the government closer, through the design of simple sites with properly indexed information, 100% accessible and located in a single place.

At gob.mx/participa, we have made innovations to provide a platform that will make it easier to listen to your ideas, report acts of corruption and enlist your help in building better services and policies in a simple, interactive platform.

We are a government which, through this new, one-stop shop will be available 24/7 to listen to you, invite you to participate, and above all, take citizens’ questions, suggestions, proposals, and complaints into account.

The participation portal will deal with your requests quickly, efficiently and effectively. New technologies will allow us to get closer to citizens, facilitate our interaction and eliminate the traditional barriers that make bureaucracy costly and ineffective.

¹ Economic cost of procedures: 4.25% of GDP. 2018 target: 3.1% of GDP, which will involve lowering the economic cost by 25%. The cost indicator of procedures as a percentage of GDP is currently 3.44%[1], equivalent to a 73% advance of the target set.