The Mexican and United States governments oversaw the operation of the new pedestrian skywalk bridge between Tijuana and San Diego in the Tijuana International Airport.

The bridge, the only one of its kind in the world, connects the Tijuana Airport with an airport terminal in San Diego, California. The project includes immigration offices, shops and an area for the its own services.

The project received 185 million pesos in financing from Mexico and USD 180 million dollars from the United States. It costs $12 per person to cross. The bridge is 48 meters long and there are 600 square meters of facilities.

Thanks to the collaboration and joint efforts of the Mexican and United States Government, today we have a modern and secure border. In addition, the walkway is one of the priorities of the High Level Economic Dialogue and the Mexico-United States 21st Century Border Management Initiative.

The Mexican government was represented at the event by Foreign Secretary Ruiz Massieu and the Secretaries of Tourism and Communications and Transport. The United States government was represented by the deputy assistant secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs and the Customs and the Border Protection commissioner. Also present were representatives of the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) and Cross Border Xpress (CBX).

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