Mexico City, January 26, 2016.- The Departments of National Defense and Navy inform the public that from 26 to 28 January this year, General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, Secretary of National Defense and Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberon Sanz, Secretary of the Navy, will make a working trip to the Republic of Peru.

This visit comes from an invitation made by Mr. Jakke Valakivi Alvarez, Minister of State and Defense of Peru, for the heads of both secretariats to attend, on January 27 this year, the flag raising ceremony at the Sailboat/School "Union", built by the Navy of that country at their shipyard of El Callao.

As a token of friendship between the two countries and armed forces, the Navy of Peru was supported for the purpose of providing training to 4 captains, 8 junior officers and 17 NCOs of the sailboat "Union" first crew at the ship "Cuauhtemoc" of the Mexican Navy.

Both secretaries attend the event with the authorization of Enrique Peña Nieto, Constitutional President of the United Mexican States and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, carrying on his behalf a message of unity and brotherhood among the peoples of America.

This visit seeks to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the armed forces of the two countries and strengthen cooperation on security and defense, emphasizing the principles of trust and shared responsibility with that friendly nation.

Estas acciones tienen como finalidad fortalecer la presencia de México como un actor con responsabilidad global, conforme a las instrucciones del titular del Poder Ejecutivo.

These actions are intended to strengthen the presence of Mexico as an actor with global responsibility, according to instructions of the Executive Branch.