President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony for the presentation of Honorable Mentions to Mexican Army, Air Force and Navy units that have excelled in operations to reduce violence throughout the country.

Fifty-two awards were presented to military and naval units . 

Honorable Mentions have a great significance for the men and women in Mexico’s Armed Forces; their courage and unreserved; institutional loyalty at all; and, above all, their vocation of service and love for Mexico is publicly acknowledged.

“Your should feel proud of your work and results. You are exemplary public servants, who decided to embrace the profession of arms, to serve Mexico and its highest causes”.

The cause espoused by the country’s marines, soldiers and airmen, “Is the noblest and highest of all: to defend our sovereignty and protect the nation’s best interests”: EPN

No other Mexican State institution has the capacity, equipment or operational deployment of the Armed Forces.

Vocation for Service

The armed forces conduct daily high-risk missions to confront violent and dangerous criminal groups.

The Armed Forces have contributed to confiscating thousands of weapons, vehicles, aircraft and boats, as well as the seizure of drugs and the destruction of plantations.

Their proven operational and tactical ability have been key to neutralizing 105 of the country’s 122 most dangerous criminals.

In these crime-fighting activities,  several members of the Armed Forces have unfortunately lost their lives.

“Just as the Army, Navy and Air Force have endorsed the causes of society, Mexicans must unite and show solidarity towards their members": EPN