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Civil´s servant´s

On the world health day, Mexico´s health ministry refreses its commitment to the well-being of the population

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Director of theINSP.

​​​​​​​Decreases consumption of sugar drinks between mexicans

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Doctors  of INMEGEN.

Began operation the new Diagnostic Laboratory of Mexico´s National Institute of Genomics Medicine

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Mexico´s children hospital performed the first artificial heart transplant in the country

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Mexico´s Minister of Health

Trough their work and dedication, migrants proudly represent Mexico

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Public servers.

Japanese community recognizes Mexico´s contributions in disease prevention

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Civil servants

A study made in Mexico proves that the transgender is a condition, not a mental disease

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Woman and doctor´s

Surgery to adresss cervical cancer, preserves fertility

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José Narro Robles, Mexico´s Health Minister

HIV care demands building inclusive societies: José Narro Robles, Mexico´s Health Minister

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